The Journey Begins


My name is Heidi, and I’m married to Brett.

I’ve tried to adopt Brett to several of my hobbies and most of my efforts end up in flames. For example, I am an avid road biker and have always dreamed of Brett riding alongside me, breathing in the crisp canyon air as we climbed the summit together. So I put in a pretty hefty investment to supply him with a top tier road bike and all the needed accessories (for those of you who know about all the junk you need to bike up a hill, it’s ridiculous how much it adds up–but we jut can’t help ourselves), and we were all set to fulfill my dream to ride together.

Let’s just say our first ride was our last.

“Why in the world would they put the foam pad inside your pants?! I feel like I’m wearing a diaper!” was all he could say. “I don’t understand why they don’t just put extra padding on the bike seat like any normal person would, so that you don’t feel like you’re an incontinent human being.”

While my dream fell into shambles the farther we rode, I definitely got a good laugh out of the entire dilemma.

In return, Brett has also made a few attempts to pull me into his own hobbies, including golf. So far I’m not down, but I’m taking a golf class next semester and depending on my grade, I will be able to tell you if Brett was successful or not. In the end, if the investment for me to golf matches his to bike, I won’t feel so bad.

While Brett and I may have many differing hobbies,  I can tell you where our interests not only align, but fit perfectly together like a puzzle piece: FOOD. Yes, food is a hobby, and probably one of the healthiest ones out there. For most people, food is the enemy that brings much wasted discouragement, weight scales, and broken mirrors.  It has been my enemy in the past, but as I’ve learned to enjoy shopping for and creating meals with REAL food, I have found a joy in the balance of eating and staying active. And I get to do it all with my best friend. Win win.

In all my efforts as a food blogger, I hope to leave one expectation to any and all possible readers: this is a hobby, not a profession. So if you’re expecting a professional mastermind chef, look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for some fun ideas and funnier posts about two lovebirds who love food, then you’re in the right place.

This should be fun.



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