lovestruck foodies: two people in love who are in love with food almost just as much as each other.

The Steele’s

I’m Heidi, and I’m happily married to Brett.

We love food.

If there is one thing that brings us closer together, it’s food. You’d be surprised at how much of our conversations cycle around food. We love trying new things, experimenting on our own, and tearing up over a truly divine piece of cuisine (Brett will never admit to crying over food, but it happens more often than not).

Brett is known as the “sauce man.” He can dissect any sauce he tries, deciphering every ingredient. He can whip up any sauce in no time–sauce to go on your burgers, your fish, your broccoli, whatever it may be. When he creates a sauce for you, he will transform your taste buds in the process. And don’t get me started on Bolognese. He loves his meat sauce. We have it about twice a week.

While he’s making sauces, I’m kneading dough. Creating a perfect ball of dough fills my senses with complete happiness; the smell of the yeast, the soft, baby skin-like texture, and the precise, squishy thickness just kills me. Whether it be for bread, cinnamon rolls, or pizza crust, I am up for the challenge.

So we make a pretty good team, and we enjoy creating things together.

This should be fun!